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May 8th: The team of Obi Sol Kenobi donates 1 million $Kenobi from the personal stock to charity. 
The coins will be paid into a vesting contract.
As soon as $Kenobi reaches 1$, the contract will be canceled and the amount will be donated.
We are still working on different options of who to support.
We will let you know as soon as possible.

May 4th: A Spezial Airdrop Ongoing

April 22: third Airdrop Done

April 21: "Kenobis Horizon" on Spotify, Apple Music & Youtube

April 18: Thanks for Support "CZOL"

April 18: Second Airdrop done

April 17: Obi Sol. Child Book new at Amazon

April 13: We are ID Verified on x

X Verif.png

April 17: First Airdrop done

April 12: Kenobi Bingo has started, Check on X.

April 2: We buy kenobis for the airdrop in April

Where's Obi?

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How to Buy


Kenobi Data

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solscan logo.png
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Social Media

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Tokenname:                                                          Kenobi
Total Suply:                                                        500 Mio
LP Coins:                                                           Burned
Tax:                                                                     Buy/Sell 0% Tax
Team Coins:            
Darth Sol:                  20 MIO VESTED 10 Years. LINK
steamflow Finance.png
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The Plan

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The Crew

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The Shop

Obi SOL (T-Shirt) (7)_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2024-04-10 212326.png

We donate 20% of profits to schools that need it

Donate begins Mid April

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Contact us

Send us a message
and we will get back to you shortly.

Thank You!

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